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Aggressively Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

There is a lot at stake with any criminal case. Therefore, it is a big mistake to leave your defense to an attorney who does not have experience in this area or, worse, is not invested in protecting your constitutional rights. The attorneys at Danford Law Firm, PLLC, are dedicated to protecting your rights to ensure that you get a fair trial in a court of law when it is a major felony, DUI or misdemeanor.

Our attorneys understand that people make mistakes from time to time. The key to moving forward is not letting those mistakes define you as a person. Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience as a former public prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney, founder Harold Danford, attorney Thomas J. Hurt and the remainder of our staff can anticipate and effectively respond to any strategies and tactics employed by the state prosecutor.

We Defend You; We Do Not Judge You.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can help protect your rights if you are facing charges. Below is a sample of the cases we handle:

  • Multiple DWIs: The penalties become even more severe for repeat offenders.
  • Murder: We have worked on several high-profile murder cases in the area.
  • Capital felony: We have extensive experience with other capital felonies as well.
  • Drug charges: Texas laws are unforgiving when it comes to drug charges.
  • Commercial vehicle violations: Fighting a commercial traffic ticket can save your license and your job.

The penalties for these crimes can range from long prison sentences to substantial fines. Regardless of the legal situation, legal procedures must be strictly observed from the time of the arrest or charges to the final judgment. Our attorneys can be a tremendous asset to protecting your future by conducting their own investigation and drawing upon a wealth of experience in this area.

Do not leave your rights to chance. Speak to us at your earliest possible convenience. We provide representation throughout the Hill Country including Boerne, San Angelo and Kerrville.

Providing You Personalized Representation

We sit down with our clients and hear their side of the story and all the factors involved. We then discuss a strategy on how to achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. While each case is unique, we believe that an aggressive defense each step of the way during the legal process usually serves the client best, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor.

Contact Danford Law Firm, PLLC, Today. Your Future Is Worth It.

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