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Danford Law Firm provides best-in-class DWI & Criminal Defense representation to clients in Fredericksburg, TX and across the Hill Country. With a deep knowledge of local courts and custom strategies that deliver results, our attorneys fight for the second chance you need to move forward. If you've been arrested in Fredericksburg, TX, contact us today. We'll fight for you!

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Accomplished Team Led By a Former Prosecutor, City Judge, & Law Enforcement Agency Director


At Danford Law Firm, we focus on DWI & Criminal Defense, backed by attorney Harold J. Danford's almost 30 years of experience.

Harold began his career as a local prosecutor and rose to become the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety's DWI/ALR program, where he oversaw dozens of lawyers across the state. He is the only former director who now defends those charged with drinking and driving.

Over the course of his career, Harold has successfully handled thousands of cases, represented hundreds of clients at trial, and won numerous cases on appeal. The greater legal community regularly taps his knowledge and experience and he has taught tactics and strategies to other lawyers at several seminars.

He has been included in such lists as "The Top Attorneys of North America," certified as Lead Counsel by Thomson Reuters, and ranked a "Top Attorney" by Avvo. He is peer-rated "Distinguished" for high professional achievement by Martindale-Hubbell.

Harold is a former board member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association and received The Presidential Award in 2013.


We Care About Our Clients

You're not a case number - you're an individual, and we'll treat you as such. Our client-centric approach puts you above all else. When you hire our firm, we put you and your well-being at the top of our agenda and fight for your rights and your future.

We Provide Personalized Attention

Each case and each client is different. We take the time to get to know you and investigate the charges against you. Unlike most firms, we carefully limit the number of cases we accept in order to give each client our full attention.

We’ll Take Your Case to Court

Sometimes it's necessary to take a case to trial to get the outcome you deserve. We have tried hundreds of cases and our attorneys thrive in trial. We stand by our record of success in cases of all types and levels of complexity.

State v. T.M - Not Guilty

Our client was charged with DWI 1st Offense in Boerne, TX. She had a clean record and completely maintained her innocence, but the prosecutors refused to dismiss the case. We took it to trial and the jury found her not guilty.

State v. J.N. - DISMISSED

Our client was charged with DWI 3rd or More in Fredericksburg, TX. We filed a motion to suppress, arguing the police could not identify her as the driver. The judge agreed and dismissed the case. The state appealed but we won the appeal as well.

State v. F.N. - Won on Appeal

Our client faced up to life in prison for his 6th DWI in Fredericksburg, TX. We believed his right to a speedy trial had been violated and convinced the judge to dismiss the case. The state appealed the decision but we won that too.

Ex Parte RPGP - Won on Appeal

After our client's DWI was dismissed in Kerrville, TX, the state objected to his expunction. We fought the case all the way to the Texas Supreme Court and won, and convinced the court to expand the right to thousands more Texans.

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Fight for your rights and your future

DWI Defense is the main focus of our firm. Our legal team handles all aspects of DWI defense, from the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing to determine the status of your driving privileges to negotiations with the prosecutors regarding the criminal case, and trial and appeal, if necessary.

We have a hard-earned reputation for excellence in DWI Defense. Our firm has the skill and know-how that you need in your corner. If you've been charged or arrested for DWI in Gillespie County, TX, or elsewhere, reach out to us today.

General criminal defense is another primary area of our practice. If you’re convicted of a criminal charge, even if it’s a misdemeanor, that conviction will go on your criminal record and potentially haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t entrust your future to an inexperienced attorney or overworked public defender.

One mistake shouldn’t define you for the rest of your life. At Danford Law Firm, we will get to know you, listen to your side of the story, investigate your case, and develop a strong defense. For experienced and aggressive DWI & Criminal Defense representation in Gillespie County, TX, or anywhere in the Hill Country region, contact us immediately.