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Fighting Theft Charges in Texas

The penalties for theft cases vary widely depending on the property allegedly stolen and the value of said property. But every theft case is serious because a theft conviction can have terrible consequences for a person's ability to get a good job, go to school, rent in certain places, etc.

If you are facing theft charges, you need an attorney who has handled and won numerous theft cases. Our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of theft cases throughout the Texas Hill Country.

Common Issues in Theft Cases

The key to most theft cases is intent - whether a person intended to "steal" the property ("deprive the owner of the property"). But the Fourth Amendment also applies, and law enforcement must have lawfully come into contact with the accused and lawfully found the property. If the property was recovered during an illegal search, for example, the evidence of the crime could be suppressed.

Typical Ranges of Punishment

  • Value of $300,000 or More: 5-99 years or Life in Prison; Up to $10,000 fine;

  • Between $150,000 and $299,999: 2-20 years in prison; Up to $10,000 fine;

  • Between $30,000 and $149,999: 2-10 years in prison; Up to $10,000 fine;

  • Between $2,500 and $29,999: 6 months to 2 years in prison; Up to $10,000 fine;

  • Between $750 and $2,499: Up to 1 year in county jail; Up to $4,000 fine;

  • Between $100 and $749.99: Up to 6 months in county jail; Up to $2,000 fine;

  • Value of $99.99 or Less: Up to a $500 fine

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