Criminal Defense Attorneys in Kerrville, Texas

Aggressive Protection of Your Constitutional Rights

With any criminal case, there is a lot at stake. Your personal relationships, professional opportunities, and freedom may all hang in the balance. Therefore, it is a big mistake to leave your defense to an attorney who does not have experience in this area or, worse, is not invested in protecting your constitutional rights. 

At Danford Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to upholding your rights and fighting for your future. You deserve a fair trial, whether you’ve been charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or any other criminal offense. From our office in Kerrville, Texas, we represent individuals in Fredericksburg, Bandera, San Angelo, Junction, and throughout Texas Hill Country.

Judgement-Free Defense When You Need it Most

We Handle a Range of Criminal Cases

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to help you fight back against a variety of criminal charges, including:

The penalties for these crimes can range from long prison sentences to substantial fines. Regardless of the charges involved, legal procedures must be strictly observed from the time of the arrest to the final judgment. Our attorneys can be tremendous assets in protecting your future by conducting their own investigation and drawing upon a wealth of experience in this area.

Don’t leave your rights to chance. Let us advocate for you. We’ll strive to create tailor-made solutions to fit your specific circumstances and seek the results you need to put this behind you.

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Seeking the Answers You Need

You may have many questions during this time of uncertainty. Will you face jail time? How long will the legal process take? Will your record be affected? Our goal is to minimize the uncertainty by seeking answers to your questions, providing reassurance, and delivering the honest truth from start to finish. With us by your side, you’ll always know where your case stands and what your options are.

Fiercely Fighting for You

We understand that people make mistakes. The key to moving forward is not letting those mistakes define you as a person. At Danford Law Firm, PLLC, we meet clients when they are facing some of the most difficult moments of their lives, and we do everything in our power to help them overcome those difficulties. Tell us your side of the story. We’ll listen to your needs, understand your goals, and collaborate to seek a favorable outcome.

We are the legal team that fellow attorneys, judges, doctors, and other esteemed professionals turn to for legal advice. Why? Because we’re good at what we do. We have decades of combined experience, in-depth knowledge of the law, and a true passion for advocacy. Here, you’re not just a case number. You’re an individual, and you’ll be treated as such. 

Should it become necessary for us to go to trial, we’re prepared to represent you with confidence in the courtroom. We’re skilled litigators with the ability to fight for your rights in front of a judge or a jury. Our ultimate goal is to do whatever it takes to seek the outcome you deserve. If that means going to court, that’s what we’ll do.

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Time is of the essence in a criminal case. Don’t wait to start fighting for your future and defending your name. Let us take the lead.

You can rest assured you’re in good hands when you work with Danford Law Firm, PLLC. Schedule a consultation with our seasoned defense attorneys in Kerrville, Texas, today. We proudly fight for the accused in Fredericksburg, Bandera, San Angelo, Junction, and throughout Texas Hill Country.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Kerrville, Texas

At Danford Law Firm, PLLC, we listen to your story, understand your goals, and strive to meet your needs. When your future is at stake, allow us to personally fight for the results you need to move forward. You take care of yourself during this tough time—we’ll take care of the legalities by formulating a smart defense strategy.