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How Our Lawyer Earned the Nickname “The DWI Guy”

Before going into private practice, Harold served as a Texas state prosecutor and was the director of the DWI/ALR program for the state Department of Public Safety. Known as “The DWI Guy,” he is one of Texas’s leading attorneys in this area of criminal law. Because he is a former prosecutor, Harold knows what tactics prosecutors use to get DWI convictions despite shaky evidence and possible errors by the arresting officer. He makes police and prosecutors play by the rules.

Our lead attorney, Harold, gives each case he accepts his full attention. As a client, you will get your phone calls and emails answered promptly. He will explain each step of your case and answer all of your questions. He will seek out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and leverage them during settlement negotiations. Going to trial is always an option. Harold has tried hundreds of cases and stands by his record of success in cases of all types and levels of complexity.