Getting You Fair Compensation

Danford Law Firm, PLLC, provides skilled legal advocacy for those injured because of the negligence of others. Whether it is a slip-and-fall accident, a bus accident or a drilling rig accident, our lawyers’ primary legal objective is to protect your rights in a court of law or during negotiations with other parties.

Our attorneys work on cases that involve a wide variety of injuries. We understand that each case is unique, but the fact is that accidents involving severe injuries are often life-changing events that demand extensive medical treatment and ongoing therapy. There is often the pain and anguish of experiencing such an event as well. These injuries may prevent you or a loved one from working in the short term and can affect future earning potential.

Common Personal Injury Cases

We have extensive experience with a wide array of personal injury cases. These include the following:

  • Motor vehicle accident: Not a day seems to go by when you do not see the remnants of a car accident on the side of the road.

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Blunt trauma to the head can cause life-changing injuries.

  • Spinal injury: Like TBI, a back injury can be catastrophic to a victim and their family.

  • Soft tissue injury: This is painful damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Wrongful death: Terrible fatal accidents. Families have a right to recompense for both the pain and anguish of losing a loved one as well as possible future income earning potential.

  • Premises liability: Business owners may not always keep the workplace safe and free of hazards. Incidents of slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall are common.

  • Assaults and other intentional torts: Instead of negligence or carelessness, these involve situations where the victim is intentionally injured by a perpetrator. These cases can be added to criminal charges.

  • Oil rig-related injuries: While doing important work in oil fields, workers are in danger of receiving burns because of explosions or exposure to chemicals, respiratory problems due to contamination of the air and injuries resulting from on-site accidents.

Helping the Injured Seek Damages

We prepare each case as if we will go to court, believing this is the best way to ensure that we maximize your recovery. We work with medical personnel and investigative experts to build an argument for the best possible resolution. Regardless of the injury, we go through the process each time with our clients, providing them with the best legal options in their particular situation.

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