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Occupational Licenses And DWI

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Kerrville Occupational Drivers Licenses

If you have had your driving privileges revoked or suspended because of a DWI arrest or conviction, you may fear that you will lose your job because of your inability to drive to and from work. In most instances, you can obtain a special restricted license to drive, known as an occupational driver's license, which allows you to drive a noncommercial motor vehicle for limited purposes, including employment, education, medical appointments or essential household responsibilities. An occupational driver's license will not be automatically granted, though. You want an experienced lawyer to help protect your interests.

At the Law Office of Harold Danford, we have more than 19 years of criminal law experience. A former prosecutor, attorney Danford understands both sides of a DWI case and will use his knowledge and experience to put together the best case for your defense. He is the only DWI defense attorney in Texas who formerly served as director of the Department of Public Safety's DWI / ALR program. He offers clients considerable trial experience, having defended hundreds of DWI cases. Because of our experience, knowledge and skill in DWI cases, attorney Danford is known by colleagues and clients as "the DWI guy."

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Get Limited Driving Privileges after a DWI

In Texas, you have the right to request a restricted driver's license (an "occupational driver's license" or "ODL") after a DWI, provided you have not been granted one in the last 10 years. The ODL will allow you to drive back and forth to work or school, or to complete essential household tasks such as buying groceries. To obtain an ODL, you must demonstrate your need and you must provide the court with proof of insurance.

At the Law Office of Harold Danford, we will handle all matters necessary to file your petition for an ODL. We will prepare and submit all documentation required by the court, identifying in detail the uses for which you need the license. We will carefully explain the law and legal process at all times, as well as your likelihood of success, so that you know what to expect.

Often, in order to qualify for an ODL, the judge will require that you enroll in alcohol dependence counseling or agree to have an ignition interlock on your car, which will prevent you from starting your vehicle if you have been drinking. We will make certain you understand the conditions under which the ODL is issued and that you understand what you must do to comply.

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We provide a free initial consultation to anyone charged with a DWI who seeks an occupational license. To set up a meeting, contact us by e-mail or call our office at 830-257-4045. We are available by cell phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We accept credit cards.

At the Law Office of Harold Danford, we aggressively defend people charged with DWI in Texas, handling cases in Kerr County, Bandera County and Gillespie County, and in the surrounding communities, including Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Junction, Bandera and Boerne.

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