Attorney Fees: What Do I Get for My Money?

Danford Law Firm Feb. 23, 2022

Education, training, experience, reputation, relationships, time, energy, and more…

People often ask, “Why are attorney’s fees so much?” or “What do I get for my fee?” These are great questions that need explaining. Usually, when people pay for something, they receive a tangible physical product they can feel with their hands. When it comes to the services of a criminal defense attorney, this is not the case.

But the attorney’s fee goes toward numerous things. First, you are paying for the education, knowledge, and training the attorney has acquired. This includes the attorney’s undergraduate degree (4 years minimum) and post-graduate degree, which is a Doctor of Jurisprudence (3 years minimum). In addition to the degrees, attorneys are required to attend continuing legal education events (CLE) classes on a yearly basis to keep current on the law and legal issues. The attorneys at the Danford Law Firm, in addition to regular CLE, attend numerous courses yearly to hone their skills and gain valuable knowledge in their fields of expertise. All this knowledge and training helps us to better defend and fight for our clients. Some of these courses include trial colleges, certification in field sobriety testing, and even scientific courses in gas chromatography, which deal with blood alcohol testing.

The attorneys at Danford Law Firm have over 40 years of experience in the legal arena. You are paying for this experience. Our attorneys have gained valuable insight which we put to work in defending our clients. Simply put, we know what works. This experience includes representing clients before municipal courts, administrative courts, county courts, and district courts. All of our attorneys have been successful in these courts. This means winning cases with Not Guilty verdicts in cases ranging from traffic tickets to murder. We also have vast experience winning cases on appeal in the Courts of Appeal, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and Texas Supreme Court. Our appellate wins are often cited as authority for other attorneys across the state.

We also know all the personnel in the courts in which we practice. This includes knowing the clerks, probation officers, bailiffs, court reporters, prosecutors, judges, and other court personnel. We know how each court works and what works best in each court. These relationships take time to cultivate. And they know that when Danford Law Firm appears we are prepared to fight for our clients. Relationships are important. This is an invisible value you get with Danford Law Firm.

Our firm truly has the best possible reputation with judges, prosecutors, and court personnel. They know we are there to do a job and that we do it well. Reputation is earned, not given. When you go to trial, your attorney’s reputation is even important with jurors. This kind of thing is invaluable.

Of course, you also pay for the attorney’s time. Our attorneys do not just work from 9am to 5pm. We arrive early to the office and stay late. We are often seeing clients well before 8am, after hours, and on weekends. Many a late night and weekend are spent working on cases that the client rarely sees, and some of our best ideas and strategies are formed after hours. We man our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are always available. We care about our clients as if they were our family. Our services are personal.

There are also numerous other factors that go into an attorney fee. This includes the cost of staff, driving time and expenses, supplies, legal books, exhibits, computer programs, letters, postage, etc. – all of which help us to serve you. Although you may not be able to see everything you’re paying for, you really receive a lot. We combine our training, experience, reputation, resources, time and energy to give you back all we can – and all in service of getting you the best possible result in your case.

The Danford Law Firm provides experienced results-driven legal representation to clients in Kerrville, Boerne, Bandera, Fredericksburg, and throughout the Texas Hill Country. Our firm has successfully handled thousands of cases, represented hundreds of clients at trial, and won numerous cases on appeal. If you’ve been charged with a DWI or other crime, let us fight for you!